Steps to a real estate sale

After decades of working in real estate I think I’ve pretty much seen it all (of course every once in a while I get surprised). The ins and outs of the contracts and deadlines and procedures are drilled into my head. So when I talk to a first time home buyer it can sometimes go a little over their head without even realizing I’m talking jibberish to them. Being confused is the last thing I want my clients to feel when they leave my office. The Team here at Alaskan Performance Partners wants you to understand each and every step of the real estate transaction as well as we do. Therefor, we have put together a few helpful printouts and will be providing them here at this blog periodically. 

Lets start with the basics 

Home Buying Process

Transaction timeline

Every transaction is a little different, some are smooth and follow the normal route of flow.  Some are rough and require creative problem solving. Issues do happen but most problems have a solution. A change in financing, a repair to the property, a change in price, it really all depends on the issue and the motivation. So while a real estate sale can be overwhelming emotionally they happen every day, my team and I have fought the hard battles time and time again.  

We hope these handouts reassure you that buying or selling real property is not a scary or unattainable feat. If by chance you have more questions now then when you did before reading this PLEASE give us a call, we are always here to help. 907-273-7777  

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