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We live in a time much different from realtors of the past. Decades ago the only way you would know if a house was for sale is by passing a yard sign. You would call us your local realtor and they would look through THE BOOK. About the size of a large phone book would be printed all the imperative details of the current homes on the market. Needless to say it was always outdated. Today the Internet has changed the game, mostly for the good. Buyers are now searching for homes online a year before they intend to purchase. By the time they are ready to view home in person they have a list in hand of what they would like to see.  I think this is awesome, however there are a few things that get a little messy.

Alaska is a non-disclosure state, meaning it is not mandatory to notify the local government of the sales price of the property. Sites such as Zillow acquire there information from the tax records. Tax records are very shaky estimates, they are basically guesses.  Zillow even tells us how poorly there Zestimate is for Alaska. Take a look

If you are looking for real accurate information call us, belonging to the MLS we know the real facts.

If you just want to look at houses online for a year or two before you get “serious” you can do that here are our site too. If you get nervous that we will call 20 times in a week to beg you to buy now, well that’s just not our style. But if you can’t shake that feeling of “I’m not going to give any REALTOR® my phone number or email address” then try. as long as your are getting accurate information we won’t mind if you go to a different site. Just know that we are always a call, text , or email away if you have questions. 

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