Putting your best foot forward in a cover letter

Cover letters are one example of how to put you offer above the competition, and looking at how tight inventory is in our market today, you could use any extra you they can get.

A letter to the seller can help, but it has to be done a certain way. The point of the letter to the seller is to make you come alive. You want to be more than just a number on a paper. When viewing the property, did you find certain things that you and the seller have in common, such as skiing, camping, local sports teams etc. When writing the letter to the seller, include that in there. People do business with other people that are just like them, so it’s important to build a rapport.

Another important thing to do is to talk about just how amazing their home is. Never ever bad mouth or try to negotiate in a letter to the seller. Tell the seller how beautiful their home is and how you are putting your best foot forward to buy the home. Stay away from any mentioning of remodeling. Planning on adding a second story or changing the landscaping? Don’t mention it. You might be thinking that the seller’s sewing room would make a great workout room for you, but this isn’t the time to mention that.

Present yourself as a stable buyer who will have no problem closing the purchase.  Whether that is a reference to your lack of contingencies, stellar employment record, or commitment to moving in as soon as the sellers are comfortable, ease the sellers’ fears of a shaky transaction.

At the same time, be humble and ask for the sellers’ blessing on your offer. “We would be so honored to live in your home,” goes much further than “We are confident that you will accept our generous offer.” The ball is in their court, and your letter should acknowledge that.

Your excitement, motivation, and ability should be reiterated at the end of your letter in a quick recap.

Remember that the sellers could be reading a few letters. Make sure that the closing of your letter reminds them of your best qualities and reinforces them.

Here is a Cover Letter of a past clients who’s offer was accepted.


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