Heather McCarthy


My name is Heather McCarthy. I was born the daughter of my single mother, Faith Hampton,
who lived with her father and new step mother in Fairbanks Alaska. When I was two my grandfather
packed us all up and moved to South Carolina. After spending three years there, my mother and my
uncle decided to live on their own and moved back to Alaska. On November 3, 1983 my sister Maranda
was born and in the same time frame, Greg became my new step dad. Two years later my brother
Elliott was born. I graduated in 1991 and left with my grandparents in their van. I get my desire to drive
everywhere from my grandfather. I had a good childhood. My mother has a stronger work ethic than
anyone else I know. In 1993 I met Kevin, and very shortly after that we had our first child, Blayke. We
got married in 1995 when Blayke was one. Three and a half years later we had Tory, and two years
after that we had Makayla.
I started real estate in 2004 and I instantly loved it. Kevin was an originator and I had a steady
stream of clients. I was consistently selling fifteen to twenty homes a year. I loved everything about it
and for what felt like the first time, I was succeeding. Ten years ago, however, I walked away from real
estate. It was a big setback for me. After several months and jobs that were meaningless, I decided to
get back to it though. After doing some research on the brokerages I decided on Jack White, who I’ve
been with for four years to the month.
The next big struggle was an illegal foreclosure on our home. The bank tried three times to
foreclose without due process and changed the title. Only recently did the bank send us a letter saying
they wanted to rescind the foreclosure. We were very excited but could not come to an agreement. As
of this summer, we have finally moved on and we are in a new home and working toward the future.

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