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Prepping your home for sale

Prepping your home for sale

Home selling season is here, as well as camping season, vacation season, out of town visitors season, fair season, farmer’s market seasons…… you get the idea. We Alaska’s do as much as possible all in the span of four months.  Getting your home to market can be an overwhelming task to say the least. There […]

Steps to a real estate sale

After decades of working in real estate I think I’ve pretty much seen it all (of course every once in a while I get surprised). The ins and outs of the contracts and deadlines and procedures are drilled into my head. So when I talk to a first time home buyer it can sometimes go […]

Spring Cleaning

Hip Hip Hooray, Spring is here!  Above freezing temperatures and the extra day light can only mean one thing in Alaska, Spring has sprung.  My home and most likely your home too took a beating, it weathered and endured Winter. Every day for the last give or take five months snow,silt and grim walked into […]

Moving Checklist

Moving is stressful for just about everyone.   We would like this whole process to be as easy as possible, therefore we would like to gift you peace of mind in a form of a checklist.  Moving Checklist (Click on the link above and print to get started) while this list is long and just […]