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Putting your best foot forward in a cover letter

Cover letters are one example of how to put you offer above the competition, and looking at how tight inventory is in our market today, you could use any extra you they can get. A letter to the seller can help, but it has to be done a certain way. The point of the letter to the seller is to make you come alive. You want to be more than just a number on a paper. When viewing the property, did you find...

Home previewing

Do you like being under a microscope? Well get used to being scrutinized when you’re trying to buy a home. Your behavior can sway sellers to bestow their precious home on you—or pass you up for someone nicer or way less annoying. But don’t worry (APP) is here to help! Just be sure to follow these unwritten rules of house-buying etiquette to stay in the good graces of all...

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